What you gonna do...?

Hey loves,

This week’s been a bit of a mental health roller coaster!! As things reopen and gigs start getting booked it’s reminded me one of the reasons I nearly threw in the towel before the pandemic hit > no-one wants to book us.

I appreciate we’re not everyone’s cup of tea, but we are GOOD! I truly believe in what we write - and listening to the same old same old out there I think we have something unique - but it’s not enough ... To be constantly overlooked by by promoters really starts to grind. I find it really hard to put on the smile and keep going. We get a few gigs here and there but compared to our peers we’re on about 10%. Even my label are frustrated that we’re not getting booked.

Sadly, I know the likely reason we’re not getting booked - me.

So, next time you’re wondering why we’re not playing x or y lemme tell you this... it’s not coz we don’t put on a great show, it’s not coz we’re not great at what we do, it’s coz the promoters don’t want me because I don’t look right... and here’s the shitter - I refuse to start dressing in a way that makes me uncomfortable for someone else’s pleasure, and I can’t change my age, and I am truly working on my weight but I’ll never be a size 10, so ... that’s that.

Sadly this industry is still rife with misogynistic people, who think women need to look a certain way to be deserving of their time.

What you gonna do ...?

To the promoters that do support us - we LOVE you, and you're more special that you know!

Love you all for being here - I can’t express how much I appreciate it.

VW xx

PS - I know I’m not the only woman in music who feels this or is treated this way. I’ve heard too many stories of women in music being turned down for gigs and playlisting due to ‘enough women‘ being in the line up - like it’s a quota - it’s endemic.

BUT I WILL KEEP GOING and so should we all - coz if we stay true to ourselves and don’t give in we can MAKE THIS A THING OF THE PAST Xxx

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