What's occurring?!

Hey beauts!!

Been a few weeks, sorry about that - tbh I'm ben mulling about doing not a lot - busy at work (boring!) and having a cold (ugh!) but TODAY felt like the beginning og the end (of lockdown!) as I went out, into town, did some shopping and got a new TATTOO! WOOT!

It was such a pleasure to be out and about, even in the rain, just doing NORMAL things! We even had a rehearsal! WTF?!


Thank you ALL for the massive support for our Mad May sale in the shop too, we made enough to pre-order all the new Fat Tiger tees which is so exciting. They should be in the shop by the end of May and ready for sending out to everyone who's pre-ordered. AND to sell at our first show back own May 29th at the Cavendish Arms with Pete K Malley (sold out! eek!)

Next gig after that as you may of seen is LOVEROCKS on June 12th. Day after my birthday so I'm expecting a mega fun time with you all! Then we're getting the new live set up sorted - with SYNTH - and back out on the road later in the year.

Between June and Sept though you might just see us on the road with another band, so keep an eye on the socials for that announcement!

Love you all always,

VW xx

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