Weekly thoughts 19th Feb - Zeroes and Funs

Hey lovelies

This week eh, another week of lockdown - how are you all doing?

Dunno about you guys but I do feel like we're turning a corner now; days are lighter, vaccines are happening - this can all only be good. I've spent a lot of the week getting the new membership packs together (just waiting for a few deliveries and they'll be sent out!) - hope you all like them; and finalising the next acoustic release for our NotPatreonButSortOf Backstage Pass.

The nice thing about reworking songs in an acoustic manner is that we get a change to play about with the feel and the instrumentation of them - it's more than when we can do on a live stream with just me, Al and the guitar - we can put in strings, piano and even some synth to make a whole new song. I've popped the cover art up ^^ so you know what's landing on Monday - what do you think?

Anyway, what else has been going on...? Well, this week I managed to forget the lemons for pancake day (Al didn't mind, he got more Nutella) to eat raw chicken (accidentally, and yes I don't feel great today!) and to book some more gigs (OMG ACTUAL GIGS, I so so so so hope they happen, but I'm not releasing dates JUST yet...)

Very much looking forward to an online show later (20:30 GMT) for Radio Wigwam and then a weird hour of The Sound of Matron on GMS Radio (21:00) - then tomorrow there's Pokemon event so, that's my weekend sorted (yes I am an adult, honest) and Sunday I think I'll have a day off :)

I would love to hear what you've been up to, what you're looking forward to next week.

We got this! Love you all


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