The Tigers are Coming!


So exciting this week as - for those of you who were on the live stream with us on Monday you will already know this but - THE TIGERS HAVE ARRIVED!

We'll be posting these out this weekend, and I cannot wait to see all of your happy faces wearing your Fat Tiger with pride - make sure you tag us in your photos as we'll make a collage for the pages feat' you lovely people! (If you've not got one yet we have popped a link below, y'know just in case!)

ANYWAY, what ELSE - well our single with Hoss from Thirteen Stars is getting its first play tonight on the Guy B Rockshow, which should be fun - we have done quite frankly the weirdest interview ever, and one listening you'll wonder why the fish is coming to tea, but its a classic -0 do tune in!

This week I was also honoured to be a part of an interview series on Women in Rock - you can listen on Spark Sutherland's website here - (look for Mackem Rock from 20th May!)

All this with ongoing panic attacks and anxiety means that I'm planning on some time off of socials today and tomorrow, but will see you from OUR FIRST BAND REHEARSAL on Sunday afternoon!

Big love

VW xx

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