The big what if ...

Another daily diary in lockdown ...

Not gonna lie I’ve spent most of the last three days in a state of shock, crying, sleeping and feeling super anxious. I think the reality of the situation facing us all as musicians, as artists, and even as just anybody in the entertainment or hospitality industry, it’s finally starting to hit home.

First it was no gigs in May and it was no gigs in June now it looks like it’s no gigs for even longer… I’m not sure how to function as a band, what were actually meant to do? I’m not sure what the venues are going to do? I’m not sure what personally I can do to survive this, it’s affecting my mental health in a really bad way. No one can tell us when things are going to go back to normal there are no reports on the news of things potentially never going back to normal.

I am not coping.

So, what does this mean for the band, and what does this mean for the music industry? Do you know what, I have absolutely no idea - there are far too many ‘what ifs’ floating about and no one seems to have the answer. We are all living in a state of perpetual anxiety and uncertainty, and it’s not good for any of us. I’m not sleeping, I’m barely eating, and I feel generally like I’ve been hit by a fucking bus.

I want the band to keep going, it’s my life it’s my passion and I’ve worked so so hard. but I really don’t know how I can, this all seems so endless. I don’t know how to get my music in front of the people I want to be able to see it, I’ve relied on festivals and gigs to meet new people and make new friends and fans, to be able to sell merchandise and tickets to make money for the band to keep us going. I can’t do those things now. My options are to ‘go online‘ but everyone’s going online… So how do you get heard?

So. Many. Questions.

I know this seems depressing, and I don’t mean to bring you down ( you know I like to try and be a beacon of light usually!) But the longer this goes on, the more I am so worried about myself and all of my friends and colleagues in the entertainment, music and arts industries, I don’t know what that industry will look like in 6 months or 12 months. And it terrifies me.

Please everyone. STAY SAFE. I just hope we all find a way to cope with the ‘New normal’ ...


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