So watch me go ...

Hey loves! How have you all been? Anything exciting going on?

I'm writing this on the 27th, two days before we can finally see friends and family again in our gardens in the UK. I NEED this, I'm sure we're all feeling a sense of excitement and relief!

No, we're not there yet, but mentally I've been struggling with being so cooped up, so this is such a tonic. We all have so much to catch up on! What are YOU going to do first next week?

No I know we're not out of the woods, and things might go south realllllly quickly if people start pissing about, but I'm hopeful as I think you have to be that this is step out of the covid era and into the new celebration. I don't have my jab yet, and I'm going to be careful, as we all should be, but I'm also going to relish every single moment with my friends and family in the next few weeks.

I also should let you guys know that our next Backstage Pass club download will be here open Monday - we're reworking Breaking Out into a full unplugged track - so hope you all like it! (if you want to join then feel free - just head to the joining page on the site!) Al's in the studio right now working on the track while I look after Ruskin in the lounge (he's recovering from an aesthetic yesterday and needs TLC.)

Can't wait to share, take care all

VW xx

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