Last gigs of 2019 🔥

Hey gorgeous folks! Just popping a little note out there to remind you we only have three shows left this year if you want to catch us... and our first gig of 2020 is the almighty Giants of Rock festival (still can’t believe we’re playing that!) Where we’ve been given links tickets are for sale right here on the site on the dates page so click over and get your mitts on ‘em!

This year, as we’re getting weirdly close to the end of it, has been a massive roller coaster for me and the band - not gonna lie I’ve nearly jacked it all in more than once, but we’re still here fighting and playing our hearts out. So here’s hoping 2020 keeps us going strong! Thank you all so much for the support thoughout the year of Reclaim; Set Fire - It means the world to me, truly.


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