How MARV to Be Back

My loves! The last few weeks have been a bit of a blur as SO MUCH has happened!

  • We have had GIGS! Both the Acoustic Nestival in London and Loverock Bournemouth were incredible - it was so good to meet so many of you - we love you guys so much!

  • We have submitted on a GRANT APPLICATION for funding for a 2022 Tour, which will be our biggest ever! I am so hopeful we will get this, and if we do I'm bringing out something that will raise the game for grassroots live music!

  • We have been looking at how we can maximise the fabulousness of the live show (I have so many ideas!) - I want to make something a totally amazing, immersive experience for you - not just a band on a stage but MORE - this is related to the grant but also there will be bits I can do without it. This is all about making a SHOW that's fit for how great you all are! It will also impact how we write the next album, and for this I am SO EXCITED.

  • Talking of the NEW ALBUM we're off on hols on Friday and intending to spend a lot of time of writing by the sea in North Wales. I always work well when I have new things around me and I cannot wait to start this process.

  • I have had my ADHD diagnosis (you have no idea, but you might soon as I'm writing a short book about it!) and started medication (which is helping despite some side effects.) that's been a journey all in itself.

  • I've had a BIRTHDAY (WOOT!) so now I'm a year older and wiser... #hmmm

I actually don't know how so much time has passed since I last wrote here, but its been a whirlwind!

What have YOU been up to?

A little later on today I'll be adding a new video of Heartstorm to the Backstage Pass forum (fan club - I don't like scything this as it confuses me but yes, fan club!) AND Alex and I are working on a new track to share with the BSP too, SOON.

I think that's it for now. LOVE YOU ALL SO SO MUCH! THANK YOU for EVERYTHING!

MWAH - VW xxx

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