Hello Me Lovers!

Hello my beaus!! How are you all?!

We are super busy here with our day jobs, Al is working really hard on some orchestral composition and recording while I’ve covering three peoples jobs at my grown up work - we are pretty stressed tbh but getting by… just! The thought of having a gig this weekend to be able to let our hair down is really wonderful, though! I cannot believe we only have two shows left in 2022, MADNESS!

Still, 2023 is shaping up to be be pretty aweosme so far with a load of festivals already in the calendar!

We’re also really happy to be back doing our live streams on Monday nights. We know a load of you missed these, so get involved and please let us know what you want to see and hear!!

Anyway, I feel like a bit of an empty husk of a human as I’m so burnt out so I’ll leave it there before I get all gushy and start crying for no reason 😂

Love and hugs


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