Getting B(L)ogged Down ...

Hey my beauts!

I don't know about you but these last week weeks of lockdown have been TOUGH. I've not been

feeling 100% (luckily it turned out to be a random virus and nothing nefarious!) and just been constantly tired and entirely unenthralled with life. HOWEVER, we have tried a corner! I took Friday off to sit down with Al and plan out what we want to do through 2021, and beyond. Lots of this included what we can give to YOU guys to help you through these dark times, but also once we get to it what we can do make gigs and events even better for ya!

So, there are a few changes; firstly - we'll be doing the live streams on here, as anyone can access it without any need to be 'on' a certain platform, and also no weird algorithm will go muting the music! Secondly, and you probably saw this in your emails, we've launched a newly improved Backstage Pass members club where, for £5 a month, so you get regular free music, goodies and even a membership card giving you 10% off all merch, site wide! Finally, we have a lot of other plans, which I'm not allowed to tell you about yet - but please keep an eye on here as it'll all be happening.

Anyway, that's enough of that! How are YOU? Whats been going on where you are? Are you coping, or not (there is no right answer, I just want to check you're doing okay *loves*)

Today I'm busy getting a new track ready for the BP Club, and tonight I'm on live with the lovely Pete K Malley talking about inspiring people and being creative over lockdown, that should be great (See some of you there!) I've even washed my hair so - we are WINNING!

Take care you guys,

VW xx

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