Weekly thoughts 26 Feb 21 - slowly slowly catchy monkey

Hello again loves! How are you all doing? What’s your week been like? Such a relief for so many to finally get the roadmap out of lockdown - although I think some of the date are a little keen (But will happily be proven wrong!!) it gives us tangible things to look forward to. Just the thought of sitting in a beer garden in the summer time fills me with such joy!

The gig booking has been going well this week with a couple more venues confirmed. Still looking for a few and then we’ll have a tour schedule we can publish 👏🏼👏🏼 Alongside tour booking (and the day job!) I’ve finally managed to get all the membership packs posted out to the BP club members - cant wait for you to get them!

This week we also saw the first cut of our new music video this week and it’s looking so fabbbb - can’t wait for the 12th March! Right, I’m gonna stop rambling and have some coffee ... how are YOU?? VW xx

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