Final mix!!

Hello loves! I’m writing this, well dictating it, as I walk back from the shop having bought a small bottle of bubbly for Alex and I to share as the final mixes have been sent to the CD press!! Alex could mix for about three years and still not be happy… But a line has been drawn and we are ready to reveal this to the world!

We truly believe some of the best tracks we have ever written, and really hope you do too! That is, potentially, apart from Clusterfkk which is in a special fucked up league of it’s own 😂

I truly hope that you can join us tomorrow, Monday, the 9th of November, for a full reveal show on Facebook live! It is free to join, but we have got a PayPal link up for tickets if you did want to give the band anything...

TTFN beauties

VW and A XX

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