An emotional weekend


Despite the 15 hrs of driving (there were tears on the M6, I’m not gonna lie!) We had the most incredible weekend back on the road meeting and playing for so many of you! 🤯🤩

Massive thanks from me to every single one of you who stuck around for our evening set at Wildfire and also who took in the two exclusive shows we did with 13 Stars, you’ll not get to see those again!!

We’re now back at the ranch, trying to get ourselves in gear for the new

shows moving forwards - we have loads of ideas for what we want to do so it’s gonna be hard work and a bit of a journey but I’m hoping you’ll all stick with us. Sadly the amount we have to do means that this weekend’s show is likely to be more acoustic than new style - we had hoped to bring a full new style set to you, but we have had no time around all of our other commitments to get this up to scratch, and we don’t want to do it half arsed. There are still three days to the gig though so you never know, we may just pull a few completed arrangements out of the bag!! I certainly hope so as I feel terrible that we’re letting people down 😔

ANYWAY - Next live stream is Monday too, so if we have any of this sorted by then we may we’ll do a BIG REVEAL… but it’s at the wire at the moment … 😢😬

Oh and FINALLY a note on ART - blown away that the paintings I’ve done have all been snapped up and have been asked to do some more (which I was planning anyway) - so, if you’d like to own your very own VW artwork keep an eye out!!

love and hugs and gratitude always

VW xx

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