After the Storm - UNlimited!

Firstly, I wanted to thank all of you lovely humans who pre-ordered the new EP, After the Storm - these have all now been posted and should be on their way to you soon, postal weirdness at this time not withstanding!

We were so incredibly humbled that the CDs sold out in approx. 5 hrs - and, although it will be on streaming and download, we have had a lot of fans who would love to own a physical product and to listen to the new music in a way they most enjoy... So today I am announcing After the Storm the UNlimited edition!

This will feature the 4 core tracks of the EP, but will not have the fan written song Hit the Lights or the unplugged Inside Your Love. It will also have a slightly different design and will not come with the pre-order card you all got in the other packages! We want our fans who managed to get the initial release to continue to have something special and limited - so I’m hoping this is the case!!

We’ll pop pre-orders on the site this week and these will be added to our ongoing catalogue - so if you missed out you can still get one, whenever that is!

Hope you’re all safe and well, keep shining.

VW xx

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